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Fees & Insurance

At Present Tense Psychiatry, Dr. Brady is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, cost effective psychiatric care. All major credit cards, checks, flex spending cards, and cash are accepted.



Currently no insurance is accepted.

  • Please be advised, Dr. Brady, DNP, NPP-BC, is a fee for service provider. 

  • You are welcome to use your FLEX SPENDING or HEALTH SAVINGS Accounts, credit cards, cash, check, or Bitcoin.

  • Present tense Psychiatry does not currently contract with any health insurance plans, therefore patients pay on the day of visit.  If you have a private/PPO plan, they may cover part of visit, & reimburse patients directly.  

  • Why is no insurance accepted?

    • Insurance companies are increasingly requiring more information from private offices in order to pay for the services provided. 

    • Many plans require Prior Authorizations for visits, where the office, has to release information, that is very personal including treatment plans, etc. 

    • This leads to hours spent on phones with insurance plans, multiple forms to be completed, and lost revenues.  

  • Patients are encouraged to check with their health insurance companies regarding Out-of-Network Providers. In this instance, you can submit the claim for reimbursement. Typical reimbursement rates average 80-100% of the fee; a receipt/invoice will be given to you, if requested. 


Fees range from $425 for an initial consultation to $95 for a 10-15 minute medication follow-up

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